Does YOUR Brand Take a Stand? – the Archetypes

The Era of H2H

Before ALL else, we are all just PEOPLE! Recognizing, understanding and using this FACT is a key element in personal and business success, especially in our digital age.


Author Bryan Kramer has popularised the following expression:

Do you agree that we live in the era of H2H?


In his article, The Seven Doors of Connection, brand strategist Jean-Claude Saade, makes this point:

Brands that really want to connect with customers on a deep and meaningful level will have to identify common ground and areas of similarity and synergy with these customers. This has to be genuine and based on the real values and vision of the brand.


Efforts to attract more people and more customers are better accepted when aligned with the brand spirit and done in harmony with its core identity and main offering.


Common grounds will be the soil where positive relationships between brands and consumers will grow and prosper.


Saade’s seven doors of connection are:

  1. Shared Values (peace, equality, liberty…)
  2. Shared Roots (religion, ethnicity, language, culture, citizenship, education, profession, geography…)
  3. Shared Fights (politics, environment, wildlife…)
  4. Shared Interests and benefits (wealth, power, information, notoriety…)
  5. Shared Lifestyle (fashion, housing, restaurants, vacations…)
  6. Shared hobbies (sports, arts, music, travel…)
  7. Shared Preferences (food, drinks, cars, clothing…)


Uncover Your Brand’s Personality

For your brand to successfully compete in today’s H2H era, it’s important that you determine your brand’s personality. The following video may prove helpful…


Once you’ve figured out your brand’s personality, you want to begin to express it. That brings us to the question…


What Type of Brand is Your Business?

Not long ago, eswStorylab (a Chicago-based marketing agency specializing in storybranding) created an infographic that takes a visual look at this aspect of branding and presented 12 character types into which each brand falls.

What kind of brand is your business?


In upcoming articles, we will examine each of these archetypes in more detail as you try to determine which of the following best describes YOUR business brand:


I will particularly be looking for everyday (or lesser known) examples of people and local businesses that exemplifies these brand archetypes. Then you will be well-equipped to answer the question: Does YOUR brand take a stand?


In the Meantime…

For more on archetypes, you might find the following resources interesting:


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Time for YOUR input

  • Do you agree with Bryan Kramer’s H2H philosophy?
  • What are your views on the seven doors of connection?
  • Business Owners: What does YOUR brand stand for?


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