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Finding Quality Domain Registrars

With the proliferation of businesses and companies offering domain registration services, finding the right one for you may not be an easy task. Do not fear for I am here to save the day!


I’ve taken the time to research numerous domain registrars and compiled a list that will make your search so much easier.


But first…


Factors of Quality Domain Registrars

As discussed in the previous article, Is YOUR Domain Registrar Proving Its Worth?, there are a variety of factors to consider when deciding on where to buy your domains. Here’s a summary of the main factors:

  • Properly Accredited
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Wide Range of TLDs
  • User-Friendly Domain Management Interface
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • No Hidden Costs


A few other important points covered were:

  • Legal Ownership – it is really yours?
  • Domain Renewal – automatic or not?
  • Domain Privacy – why and how?
  • New gTLDs – are they viable?


If you’re not familiar with these concepts or you missed our in-depth coverage of them, it will definitely be worth your while to review the article on domain registrars.


Quality Local Domain Registrars

Here’s a list of domain registrars to get your research started. By and large, each registrar meets the criteria set forth above. However, inclusion in the lists below does NOT constitute an endorsement. At the time of this writing, I have not used any of these domain registrars but there is one below that I will be moving my domains to shortly because my research shows that it fulfills my needs.


It is up to YOU to do your due diligence and arrive at a domain registrar that fits YOUR needs.


It should be noted that you CANNOT determine the geographic origin of a company/business by its domain name. Not every business with a .CO.NZ domain was started in New Zealand or is New Zealand owned/operated. For example, Google has the domain name google.co.nz and has a branch with employees in New Zealand but it is a US-based company.


The domain registrars below are categorized by geographic locations based on the ORIGINS of that company. Please advise us of any discrepancies (including proof of such) via the comment section below.


Australian-Based Domain Registrars

NOTE: the .au domain extension is a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) restricted to use by individuals, organisations, or companies registered and/or residing in Australia. In all cases, the .au domain must have a close and substantial connection to the person or business intending to use it [more info].

.auda Accredited Registrar


FYI: A Sad Day for Australian Domain Name Industry and Breach of Registrar Agreement by Crazy Domains.


Canadian-Based Domain Registrars

NOTE: to register a .CA domain name an applicant must have a connection to Canada [more info]. Also check out the article, 2 Tips Every Canadian Should Know About Registering .CA Domains.

.ca Certified Registrar


New Zealand-Based Domain Registrars

NOTE: registrants need to be identifiable individuals over 18 years of age or properly constituted organisations. Registrants do not need to be based in New Zealand nor does their domain name need to be hosted in New Zealand [more info].


Registering domains like example.nz will become possible in September, 2014. See if you have Preferential Registration Eligibility for currently owned domains with the longer domain extensions.

.nz Authorised Registrar


UK-Based Domain Registrars

NOTE: there are no restrictions on who can register .uk domain name. Any individual or business in any country can register a domain of the form example.uk PROVIDED the rights to it have not been automatically reserved (until 2019) for someone who already has one of the following domains: example.co.uk, example.org.uk, example.me.uk, example.net.uk, example.plc.uk or example.ltd.uk [more info].

Nominet accredited registrar


USA-Based Domain Registrars

NOTE: registrations of .us domains are restricted to American citizens or permanent residents, as well as any business or organization with a bona fide presence in the U.S. All registrants must meet the US Nexus Requirements [more info].

Accredited Registrar for Dot US


FYI: Neustar is the authoritative registry for .US (as well as .biz, .cn, .co, .tw)


Other Worldwide Domain Registrars


Be aware that the US-based company VeriSign is the authoritative registry for the .com, .net, .name, .cc, and .tv, and falls under US jurisdiction.


In the Meantime…

For more on domain registration, you might find the following resources helpful:


Also, visit our “Domain Name Guidelines” board on Pinterest for some more insights.

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Time for YOUR input?

  • Do you care where your domain registrar is located?
  • What has been your experience (if any) with the domain registrars listed above?
  • Business Owners: What challenges (if any) have you faced in registering your domain name?
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