How to Secure a Well-Chosen Domain Name

Domain Name – Part of Web Presence

As discussed in the article, Establishing YOUR Web Presence, a business’ web presence must include its own website. The first step in having a website is choosing an appropriate domain name and registering it.


Before we get to how that is done, let’s first ensure we understand the basics about the what, why, how of domain names with the help of the video below:


Parts of a Domain Name

Every domain name consists of TWO parts. DOMAIN NAME = NAME + EXTENSION as shown below…

A URL dissected.Image source: RHW Websites


The NAME part could be a personal name, a business or trade name, or a combination of relevant keywords.


The EXTENSION part would be one of the following types:

  • gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) like .com, .net, .org, .name, .edu, .gov
  • pure ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) like .us, .tt, .jp, .ca, .md
  • split ccTLD (country-set subdomains of the ccTLD) like,,


Elements of a Good Domain Name

When deciding on a domain name for your business, you should keep in mind what we’ve already discussed about brand identifiers. Your domain name will form part of your brand identity, so choose well.


Our friends at Name Stall offer the following 7 Major Criteria of a Good Domain Name to help you out:

When choosing a domain name, remember these 7 criteria.

If available, and if possible (financially), you should consider getting the .COM in addition to your country-specific one provided your business is more than local.


Help Generating Your Domain Name

If you still need help coming up with a domain name, you should consider using some domain name generators or other such tools to give you some ideas.


Here are some well-known ones that you can check out:


Securing Your Well-Chosen Domain Name

Now that you’ve decided on a domain name for your business, it’s time to register it. Remember, your domain name is an important investment in the success of your business.


To secure your well-chosen domain name, you must

  • choose a quality domain registrar
  • register your domain name and, if possible, appropriate alternatives


How to Choose a Quality Domain Registrar

A quality domain registrar should:

  • be accredited by the relevant authority registry (ex. ICANN, Nominet, CIRA, etc.),
  • provide reliable customer support,
  • offer a wide-range of TLDs,
  • have user-friendly domain management interface,
  • have NO hidden costs.

For an in-depth coverage of these factors and more, please review the article, Is YOUR Domain Registrar Proving its Worth?


Alternative Domain Names You Should Consider Registering

In an effort to protect your brand and prevent cybersquatting or misuse, you might want to consider also registering the following types of domain names in addition to your well-chosen one:

  • common misspelling (ex., – misspelling of
  • keyword based domain (ex.
  • singularized/pluralized version (ex. or
  • product based domain (ex. Apple’s
  • additional TLDs (ex. .net and .org)


In the Meantime…

For a more in-depth look at domain names, you might find the following resources helpful:


Also, check out our “Domain Name Guidelines” board on Pinterest for some more insights.

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Time for YOUR input

  • What is your preferred TLD for domains and why?
  • How did you come up with your domain name?
  • Business Owners: Does your domain name meet the 7 major criteria?
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